Bellagio Casino Heist – Did Trump?

Bellagio Casino Heist Incident, Las Vegas has a long history of daring acts and breaking most rules. The Bellagio Resort and Casino were recently vandalized by vandals who were apparently “inspired” by Donald Trump’s infamous “lock out” of the casino. Donald Trump is the developer behind the Bellagio, and as such he gets a free pass from all regulations while the building is being built. As such, the casino is allowed to break most rules and that includes theft. The Bellagio was broken into twice in one year, with the second incident occurring just two days before New Year’s Day.

Bellagio Casino Heist

The first robbery took place on December 31st at approximately midnight, after hours on New Year’s Eve. A band of robbers wearing masks and carrying sticks forced their way into the casino and started stealing money from the register. Two Bellagio staffers tried to stop the robbery by calling the police, and the thieves fled the scene as quickly as they could. Nobody was hurt in the melee.

According to a report by the Associated Press, a second Bellagio Casino heist occurred less than a month later. On January 6th, an unidentified person fired shots at the Bellagio while it was closed. No injuries were reported, and a surveillance team was immediately dispatched to the scene. Less than a week later, at about 1am, a band of Bellagio workers were trying to dump a suspicious bag of digital media from the roof of the casino. When security guards tried to follow them, they threw a lit flare device from a window of the Bellagio’s warehouse onto the group, which set off an explosion that severely injured three people.

Thefts from the Bellagio are not limited to random acts of theft. In January, two male Bellagio employees were caught stealing money from the ATM machine. When confronted, the men produced a weapon, which they threatened to kill the casino employee who identified them as the culprits. Bellagio management alerted the local authorities and a corrections officer were called to the scene. A police report was filed, and the men were taken into custody.

Dead On Arrival

Bellagio casino heists are the result of negligence on the part of Bellagio management. Bellagio management should have placed warning signs around the property, as well as posting rules and regulations on the job site and in the employment papers. They should have taken any possible video or live pictures of the property and hotel rooms, and they should have insisted that all workers wear identifying badges. Bellagio management should have insisted on video surveillance of all doors, even the front doors. If they had, then any attempted robbery could be easily videotaped, and the men could be identified. This would have saved the Bellagio millions of dollars.