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Largest Online Gambling Sports Betting Wins

Another top ten craziest online gambling sports betting win is that of a football player, Ricky Williams. Williams is known for his insane catches as well as for his on field antics which sometimes ended up in his being suspended. The funny thing about this is that he was once a very good wide receiver with the Saints. He later signed with the Philadelphia Eagles and then later with the New York Giants, but he never managed to cement a place in the line up until he changed his style and started catching passes more often.

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Some may be surprised by the presence of three NFL players on the list; Le Bron James, Marion Barber and Ray Lewis. It should also be noted that none of these three mentioned are legends in their own regards but rather they are simply one of the most exciting athletes of our time. You can bet that the odds of them winning any given game are pretty darn high. These are the top ten craziest sports betting wins listed.

No matter what sport you are in, these top ten craziest sports betting wins can certainly help you to increase your winnings dramatically. However, before you decide to become a fan of these people and place their bets, you need to learn about the techniques that they use. This will enable you to gain an edge and to increase your winning chances even more.

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One could argue that given the fact online gambling sports that there are only ten included, this list is somewhat redundant. That would be a shame as there is a very interesting story behind each of the athlete’s inclusion on the list. For instance, let’s look at number five, Ray Lewis who played for the Atlanta Falcons during the 2008 season. The story that goes along with this amazing athlete is one that involves a big hit that nearly ended Lewis career as a professional football player.

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